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Roncalli Sports and Community Centre

Roncalli College Sports and Community Centre



Roncalli Sports & Community Centre

RSCC Information Booklet

Since 1982, Roncalli College has prepared our students for a meaningful life beyond our school gates. Within the walls of our school buildings, we inspire our young people with the values and attitudes to serve others, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Our campus, however, lacks critical infrastructure necessary to give students the complete educational experience they deserve. Currently there is limited space large enough to gather the different groups of the College student body or welcome families, friends, and members of the parish and community. We struggle to achieve our goal to engage and support the members of community, be it our contributing schools, other high schools, members of the parish or wider community groups due to a lack of meeting spaces. During the cold autumn and winter months there is no protected outdoor area where students can congregate. There is a growing need for additional space for our sports and physical education (PE) activities, as our gymnasium can no longer accommodate the large number of PE classes and sporting opportunities we provide. 89% of students play organised sport at the College, forging relationships both inside and outside the College, with most of our students playing 2 or 3 different sports. We need a practice and playing surface that allows for these numbers and mitigates the disruption of the South Canterbury winter.

Our vision is to transform the Roncalli College campus by constructing the Roncalli College Sports and Community Centre, a state-of-the-art sports and community facility that will enhance student experience and provide countless opportunities for personal development and growth.

Our aim is to build an integrated, multifunctional centre that reflects the spirit of community and excellence that Roncalli College represents, that meets our students’ and community’s needs for shared spaces and sports facilities, therefore creating an inspirational campus that reinvests in the community through sustained, holistic learning for future generations.

The Roncalli College Sports and Community Centre will comprise:

  • Large and small meeting spaces for gatherings of students, College groups cultural activities and community groups. These spaces will help forge stronger ties within the Timarucommunity.
  • An all-weather covered turf facility marked for a variety of sports and physical education activities. This facility will enhance the physical wellbeing and education of our students and support a range of sporting codes. It will also allow students to assemble beyond the school buildings’ walls and remain active, still sheltered from the elements.
  • Modern changing facilities to support a range of sports

Roncalli College is committed to raising $1.5 million in order to transform our vision of our Centre into reality.

Our funding goal, combined with existing commitments from the parish and community, will enable the total construction project to move forward at an estimated cost of $2.5 million.

The students, families, and alumni of Roncalli College are connected by our shared school experience. Guided by our belief in the importance of a holistic education and building upon our faith andcommunity, today we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of our young people.

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