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Bus Information

ASTN Bus Schedule for 2020

ASTN Bus Schedule for 2020

Timaru Bus Service - October 2020

New School Bus Service for Timaru (T2)

Public Transport is going through many changes in Timaru particularly with the introduction of MyWay on-demand transport.  Our focus remains in providing a public transport service that meet the needs of all socio-demographic residents of Timaru.

Through our constant monitoring of ridership in Timaru and particularly on MyWay, we have identified one issue which is impacting the service at peak time during week days, 7am to 9am and 3pm to 5.30pm and this is where you may be able to help!

Students are using the service alongside riders commuting to work and MyWay has reached its capacity during those peak times. Some parents have reached out to us reporting that their child is often late for school because they could not get a ride at the time they wanted.

It is with this in mind that we have decided to launch a new School bus service to allow for students to get to school on time and for parents not having to worry about their child’s daily travel to and from school.

The new Timaru School T2 route will be in place from the morning of the 14th September 2020. It provides access to Timaru Boys’, Timaru Girls’, Roncalli, Timaru South School, Sacred Heart, Bluestone School and Waimataitai School. Please see attached maps and timetable. It does pass by other schools, but the schools outlined are the most in-line with the beginning and end of their school day.

The Timaru Schools T1.  This is the name for the pre-existing school bus service in the Timaru area. There are no changes to this service; the original route will stay the same.

The Link clockwise and anti-clockwise timetables also cater for school travel. You can view the new revised timetable for the Link and Schools T1 and T2, here.


Aoraki School Transport Network - Rural Students

The Aoraki School Transport Network (ASTN) provides the school bus transport for our students who live outside of Timaru. All students travelling on ASTN buses must wear a hi-vis vest.

More detailed information about the Rural bus routes, Private Conveyance Allowances, Safety and Emergency procedures can be found here

If you want to see the individual maps and route information, this can be found here

Mr Mark Pribis is the Roncalli College Bus Controller, if you have any questions regarding the rural bus service, please address your enquiries to m.pribis@roncalli.school.nz.



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