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ASTN Bus Schedule for 2024

ASTN Bus Schedule for 2024

Timaru Bus Service

Metro school services - new and updated

Metro has three Timaru Schools services running this year, starting on 30th January 2023.

A new T3 service has been added as a replacement for children who would have used the Timaru Link. Starting with the new school term, the T3 will run a similar route to the Link, clockwise in the morning and anticlockwise in the afternoon.

The T1 and T2 school services have had some adjustments, so please check your route and timetable carefully.

Metro school services provide a very cost-effective way to get to school. Child fares are usually 95 cents with a Metrocard, and with the government’s half-price offer, that’s only 45 cents until the end of March.

Buses will pick up at any bus stop along the routes. Although the routes have been designed with the high schools in mind, primary school children are welcome to use them.

MyWay by Metro is not recommended to be used for school trips.

Check out the Metro school services



Aoraki School Transport Network - Rural Students

The Aoraki School Transport Network (ASTN) provides the school bus transport for our students who live outside of Timaru. All students travelling on ASTN buses must wear a hi-vis vest.

More detailed information about the Rural bus routes, Private Conveyance Allowances, Safety and Emergency procedures can be found here


Mr Mark Pribis is the Roncalli College Bus Controller, if you have any questions regarding the rural bus service, please address your enquiries to



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