Anei au, tō pou whirinaki. - I'm here, I'll support you

Special Character

We will be empowered, enabled and inspired by our Catholic faith to achieve success and make a difference

What does Special Character mean?

Our school endeavours to be a living testament to the example of Jesus Christ. This focus is the core of our Special Character.

We strive to make a difference in the world by showing all people, particularly the vulnerable, that they are loved, safe and cared for.

Roncalli College strives to promote and respond to Social Justice initiatives, either through Lenten Can Drives, the Loaves and Fishes programme in conjunction with the Holy Family Parish as well as the annual Orchid Day Giving. Our staff Ministry Team works alongside our Special Character student leaders and student Service Team to ensure that our Liturgical celebrations are meaningful and Social Justice initiatives are well supported for staff and students.Service is a fundamental part of a Catholic education and therefore what we do for others says far more about our character than what we simply say about others.

We aim to let our thoughts, words, and actions be guided by the Holy Spirit. All aspects of school life should reflect the mission the Catholic Church, and more precisely, the mission of our founders - the Marist Fathers and the Mercy Sisters.

They knew that a faith community was the cornerstone of a meaningful life and intended the Church to be the cornerstone of the school. Mass, liturgy, prayer, and religious studies are an important part of our school’s special character, as is our relationship with the Holy Family Parish, and the wider Catholic community.

We work in community to support our young people as they come to know their God and find their purpose in life - encouraged, strengthened and led by the Holy Spirit.

As a Catholic College, the Board of Trustees expects parents to support the Special Character of the College, ensure their children live by the Gospel values and participate in all Special Character activities. A commitment to co-curricular activities is expected from students and parents.

National Network of Marist Schools - Society of Mary

Roncalli College is very fortunate to be a part of the National Network of Marist Schools

Members of the network are:

  • Pompallier Catholic College, Whangarei
  • Marist College, Auckland
  • St John’s College, Hastings
  • Hato Paora College, Feilding
  • Cullinane College, Wanganui
  • St Patrick’s College, Silverstream
  • St Patrick’s College, Wellington
  • St Bede’s College, Christchurch
  • Roncalli College, Timaru

Our students are provided with opportunities to participate in Leadership programmes run in conjuction with the Young Marists. 

The Young Marist Mission is: "Young Marists is a youth development organisation that seeks to help young people to understand the big picture of their lives, the practicalities of leadership and the imperatives of social justice.  Young Marists is about young people partnering with other young people to grow in a Marist identity and to influence their communities in positive, transformative ways. We are driven by a passion for what is possible when young people truly understand their potential and choose to pursue ‘the best possible version’ of themselves." 

The NNMS support our staff and students by way of in school programmes, professional development opportunities, the Marist Youth Leaders and Young Marist Neighbours opportunities, the Ara River Run and the Fouviere trip as examples.


This blog is an effort to inform friends of Young Marists about what is going on in Marist ministry in New Zealand. It aims to bring into stark relief the quiet and usually hidden aspects of Marist life. We hope to inform, to challenge, to invite comment and discussion, and above all to affirm the many people who live the Gospel in a Marist way. We do not identify authors or contributors, preferring to let the stories speak for themselves. ‘Ineveryway’ takes its name from a phrase in the Pledge of Fourviere.

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Roncalli College Prospectus

This prospectus aims to provide a brief overview of what Roncalli can offer each student during their important years.


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We aim to provide a creative and well-supported learning environment where students are exposed to a multitude of experiences and opportunities to prepare them for a meaningful life beyond the school gates.

Chris Comeau - Principal