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Education Review Office (ERO)

ERO evaluates and reports on the education and care of children and young people in all early childhood services and schools in New Zealand.

The latest ERO reports for Roncalli College are available here for your perusal.

Latest ERO Reports


To read and review our College's procedures and policies, please follow these steps:

1. Enter SchoolDocs website

2. Username: roncalli

3. Password:cares

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Annual Financial Report

Download Financial Report

Annual Financial Report

The Board is required to make the College's annual report available to the public.  This ensures that parents and the wider community can access information about what the College has achieved and how the Board has managed the College's finances in the previous school year.

The Annual Financial Report to 31 December 2022 can be downloaded here.

Download Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Roncalli College is committed to preparing for the unexpected through identification, minimisation, management, and annual review of potential risks to students, staff, and property.

A copy of the Emergency Procedures are found here

Child Protection Policy

Roncalli College Child Protection Policy

Roncalli College aims to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and security of all children by practising open and accountable child-centred decision-making. We recognise the importance of involving family/whānau in decision-making about their children, and will involve children in decision-making about themselves in age-appropriate ways. We acknowledge that child protection is everyone’s responsibility and we promote our child protection policies to our school community.  

The Child Protection Policy can be found here, to view the full College Child Protection Policy for links and further reference, follow the SchoolDocs link above

Concerns & Complaints Process

Concerns & Complaints Process

For your information the Concerns & Complaints process is shown here. Our full Concerns & Complaints Policy can be found in SchoolDocs (follow the link shown above)

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