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Career Development / Pathways

At Roncalli College we aim to equip our students with the necessary skills in order for them to make considered decisions regarding their future careers.


At Roncalli College we aim to equip our students with the necessary skills in order for them to make considered decisions regarding their future careers. Career management is a lifelong process and what our students learn while they are at school is crucial to starting this process.
We aim to provide students with the information, advice, skills and experience they need to transition from school into their chosen pathway.

Roncalli College Careers Website

We are really excited to announce a new careers website for Roncalli College. Careerwise is an online platform specialising in news, events and career information like scholarships, CV's and much more. 

This is a one stop shop for students, parents and caregivers to find out about the latest events and general careers information. 

We encourage you to subscribe with your email as we will be sending weekly careers newsletters. Here is the link for you to check out and subscribe

Careers Advice

Every student is encouraged to seek career information and advice. Help with CV preparation, practising interview skills, tertiary course selection, halls of residence & scholarships applications and visits to tertiary institutions are also offered and encouraged at the College. Connections with the local business are also strong and we are often the first port of call for these businesses when they have job opportunities (part time and full time). 

Tertiary Institutions

Tertiary Institutions visit the College on a regular basis to provide students with information about their institution, to provide updates on courses and help with course planning. In addition to this Students in Years 12 and 13 are able to attend the Otago Tertiary Open Day and Canterbury Tertiary trip.

Pathway Presentations

For our senior students we host local guest speakers who talk about a particular job or industry, what is needed to get into that industry, qualities employers look for in employees, how to succeed and other insights into the world of employment.

Work Exploration

Available to senior students who are placed in a work situation of their choice where they can observe and/or work. Work Exploration is a compulsory component of the Independent Learning programme which is offered at Year 13. Other students may gain work experience through the Gateway Programme.

Taster Days and STAR courses

Senior students may explore vocational opportunities by attending courses provided by outside providers like Yoobee Design or ARA Institute. Courses are dependent on funding. ARA Institute also provides Taster Days in some areas so that students can spend a day exploring a potential course or pathway.

Careers Department Facebook Page

Regular information regarding potential jobs, upcoming courses or any other careers related information is provided on our face book page:

Helpful Links

Careers NZ Website
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Scholarships Information

Job Search Websites:



Careers New Zealand have updated the 'Where to" posters which offer learners ideas about career options based on the subjects they enjoy studying.

For further information about Careers or Pathways please contact Courney Molloy on 688 6003 ext 818 or by email

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