Anei au, tō pou whirinaki. - I'm here, I'll support you

College Uniform 

Roncallians wear their uniform with pride!

Roncalli College Uniform Information

Roncalli Uniform Information

Roncalli College Uniform

In keeping with the values, history, and traditions of Roncalli College, our students will wear a school uniform that provides them with a sense of identity, pride, belonging, purpose, safety, and equality. The College places a high priority on all students wearing the school uniform correctly, both at school and at school activities.

Uniform Options

New Uniform Price List

New Uniform Price list

New Uniform Price list

The majority of our uniform is sold from the College office, the exceptions are shoes and navy socks. The price list can be found here.

PTA Second hand uniform

Second hand uniform sales sheet

Second Hand Uniform

The Roncalli College PTA have stocks of second hand uniform, they have a sale generally at the beginning and end of the year and also when the uniform changes from summer to winter and vice versa.Second Hand Uniform

The dates of the PTA second hand sales will be advertised in the College calendar which is found in News and Events.

The Second hand uniform sales sheet can be downloaded from this page, this sheet also provides specific details of the contract of sale with the PTA.

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