Roncalli Workdays 2019


Dear Parent/ Caregiver

Workdays 2019

  • Seniors Thursday 29 August
  • Juniors Monday 14 October

The Roncalli Sports and Community Centre is a facility that has been 4 years in the planning and organisation and we are excited to confirm a completion date of January 2020.  The fundraising committee has gone to our community, not just the College and Parish, but also businesses to raise funds for this wonderful facility.   

We encourage our students, who will be the main benefactors of this development, to help support the project by donating a few hours of their time for paid employment and then gifting the money earned back to the College towards the fundraising venture.  

The types of jobs we envisage the students doing could include washing cars, pruning trees, clearing rubbish, chopping firewood, cleaning windows, mowing lawns, for their relatives, people in their street or neighbourhood. Students may choose to bake muffins/cakes and sell them and we encourage students to make use of their skills and interests to be creative to raise an individual target of $40. 

The College appreciates your support and we strongly encourage students to provide service to their school and wider community.

Coming together is a beginning

staying together is progress

and working together is success

- Henry Ford


Thursday, 29 August 2019
9:00 am


Monday, 14 October 2019
9:00 am



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