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Board of Trustee Elections 2019


2019 triennial school board of trustee election

NZSTA, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, supports boards and returning officers through the election process. School trustee elections involve the largest number of candidates and voters of any democratic process in New Zealand. Every three years state and state integrated school communities elect their parent and staff trustees to help govern their schools. Right now boards around the country are preparing to hold their 2019 triennial school board of trustee elections.

Parent and whanau participation on school boards in order to help shape and support the education of their children is encouraged.

if any parent would like to discuss becoming a trustee at Roncalli College, please feel free to contact Rose in the office or any current Board member.

For more information on becoming a trustee:

A Parents’ Guide to the Role of the Board of Trustees


Friday, 7 June 2019
12:00 pm



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